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Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Flowing Currents Kiss & Tlaloc's Surprise

 Flowing Currents Kiss


planetary inspirations
moving through the night
so far away still penetrating
each of us in flight

no more thinking...contemplating
while resonating in
electric subtle perturbations
as electrons spin and spin

Neptune, Pluto. Moon and Venus
Jupiter and Mars
oscillating with each other
twirling through the stars

electro-magnetic radiating
anodeSun in midst
of heliopause's unseen diode...
flowing currents kiss

each of us in every moment
Neptune, Saturn too
Mercury and too Uranus
are touching me and you 


Tlaloc's Surprise


always believing
what was is what will be
but something is different
I think I know nearly

the river keeps flowing
on and then on
the river, I know,
is where we belong

flowing through meadows
with trees in cool glades
reflecting warm sunlight
and passing through shades

as the river is pulled
by a force that's unseen
onwards to oneness
in a rainbow sea's dream

where molecular magic,
Tlaloc's surprise,
makes the river an ocean
pulled now by tides

what was is what will be
what  will be's a dream
as the river keeps flowing
we're in it's stream


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