British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Friday, January 25, 2019

Times to Come & Morning Glories

Day 16 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)

Times to Come


the future knows
the past has gone
it can't be changed
it's been too long

still they come
as wraiths unseen
to view what was
who were, have been

the beings who
awakened when
chanted then

the human race
to consciousness
of life in space...

this is the time
in future's past
to last

war and greed
now disappear
all is one,
there is no fear

all is one
in many parts
all is one
in waking hearts


Morning Glories


ideas keep trickling
concepts drip
words keep flowing
blip blip blip

invisible forces
unseen powers
engulf our minds
for hours and hours

dreams come nightly
daytime too
when all I do
is think of you

are you listening?
are you there?
can you feel it
when I dare

cross the ether
in between
that we have been

heart to heart
and mind to mind
although apart

invisible forces
unseen powers
like two flowers

morning glories
heavenly blue
pearly white
me and you

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

In the Same Dream & Driving By

Day 11 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)

In the Same Dream


knowing now that you are listening
I will say these words to you -
every time we touch we're glistening
shimmering and sparkling too...

in between us is an ocean
of consciousness whose tides now rise -
in between our minds in motion
intertwine before our eyes...

I am in you, in each finger
in the beating of your heart
feeling feelings where you linger -
we are joined, we're not apart...

breathing in and concentrating
you can join me here tonight -
we can call it meditating
both of us can see the light

shining in the everlasting
interspatial in between -
breathing deeply, breathing fast in
waking up in the same dream...


Driving By


moving grooving
eye to eye
standing outside
driving by

on the corner
red light green
we both feel that
we have seen

someone special
to whom we're drawn
feelings warm

feelings glowing
deep inside
we're unwinding
we're untied...

moving grooving
I know you know
I am pleased

you know I know
that we share
the memory of
being there

on the corner
red light green
mesmerized by
whom we've seen

moving grooving
eye to eye
driving by...

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