British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Day 20 Month 10 - 13 Moon Calendar



you're beautiful, so beautiful
so beautiful it seems
in your presence everything
sparkles and it gleams

I'm mesmerized, I'm hypnotized
I'm in a trance when you
shimmer in a vision
coming into view

you scintillate and when I wait
you titillate me too
my heart skips a beat when
I am close to you

when you're not here, when we're apart
when I am here alone
you are still around me
a seductive quiet tone

I'm in a dream while still awake
you are with me too
always in my consciousness
I feel love for you

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At First Sight

Day 20 Month 10 - 13 Moon Calendar


 at first sight

I saw you in the morning
then without a warning
the ordinary every day
disappeared and flew away

I was elevated
you're the one I've waited
for so very long
I know that we belong

for a time together
no matter what or whether
no matter how or who
I want to be with you

now anticipation
fuels a new sensation
you are on my mind
as on and on I wind

through the ordinary
moments sometimes scary
still when I think of you
every breath is new

I've waited and I've waited
but now I'm elevated
knowing we are linked
every time we think

no matter what or whether
these moments shared together
are at the very start
through mind from heart to heart

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rush of Air

Day 18 Month 10 - 13 Moon Calendar


rush of air

I want to see you, touch you
smell your hair
hear your breath
the rush of air

in the morning
at the start
a new day dawning
a new day apart

I want to feel you feel me
feel you inside
your mind, your heart
the place you hide

I want to kiss you, hold you
I want you to let go
to open wide
and let love flow

penetrating deep within
diving into love to swim
deeper and deeper, deeper still
into each other we both spill

both becoming someone new
you in me and me in you
as you feel me touch you, smell your hair
hear your breath, the rush of air

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