British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Friday, February 14, 2020

Rho Cassiopeia & Stuff of Dreams

Day 8 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)

Rho Cassiopeia


I love it when the stars shine bright
when there's no cloud in the night
and Rho Cassiopeia shines supreme
faintly though, a distant beam

far away from Earth in space
pulsing, growing soon to face
cataclysmic metamorphing
super nova growing dwarfing

stars we know which are quite near
the three Centauri's, Sirius' queer
double, triple Dogon dream
where Nommo spins within a stream

of electricity all around
between the stars where currents are found
in this place where we belong
with Rho Cassiopea's pulsing song -

I love it when the Moon is full
the Sea of Rains, Fertility, all
lunar seas with rainbow bays
slowly spinning two week days

locked in step, in Earth's embrace
a spiraling dance as we both race
through a plasma ocean deep
charging on and charged we keep

falling down towards the Sun
as it keeps moving...we are one
on a journey which we share
planets, moons and comets rare -

I love it when we think we know
then we discover to let go
of all our concepts, although hard set
because we are merely children yet

we keep believing that all around
is all around where we are found
'in the centre', a very old dream
that vanishes like the morning steam

on misty mountains warmed by Sun
not the centre yet still we're one
with Rho Cassiopeia and the Moon
on a world where there's still room

to wake up from the endless deep
long soul slumber, spirit sleep
under stars' twinkling bright
under skies in the night


Stuff of Dreams


in Neptune's sky where Triton floats
Uranus shines as we make notes
in our minds, so far away
from the Earth...we cannot stay

longer than the time it takes
to synthesize what Neptune makes
as we descend into the air
sparkling blue and everywhere

then rising back into deep space
towards the Sun and Earth we race
passing Saturn, on to Mars
with pale blue Earth among the stars

calling to the inner one
the always shining, like the Sun,
blazing glory deep within
to wake again from where we've been

on a pillow in a room
late at night with light of Moon
all is normal, so it seems
Neptune is the stuff of dreams

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Sunday, February 09, 2020

Supreme Test & Winking

Day 3 Month 6 (13 Moon Calendar)

Supreme Test


 the atmosphere of Mercury,
replenished by our star's
hurricane of particles,
more tenuous than Mars

in the darkened shadows
in perpetual shade
a polar crater paradox
in solar storms is made

ionizing fingers
of electric currents flow
brushing unseen everywhere
making some things glow

Mercury keeps spinning
although synchronized
day and year so very close
tidally it's tied

to the same entity
as Pluto and the rest
the solar supreme deity
which puts it to the test

this is where we must meet
this is where we must go
proving that we can escape
everything we know




I rode a beam when I was thinking
all the way to you
within it's stream we were linking
dreams of what to do

rising up while intertwining
possiblities renewed
feelings glowing and too shining
feeling you feel me feel you

sensations flowed and cascaded
ionic mists enthralled
something inside long since faded
came when it was called

we rode the beam as we were linking
somewhere only we
imagined in our minds when winking
happy to be free

to intertwine in all dimensions
skin on skin delights
released from all our old conventions
no wrongs and no more rights

rising slowiy before fading
never to annoy
sensations flowing and cascading
with overflowing joy