British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Monday, December 02, 2019

Some Things/When Alone/Winter Sun

Day 18 Month 5 (13 Moon Calendar)

Some Things


these are some things I want you to know
I love you, sky, ocean, mountains with snow
I love you as woman, I love you as child
I love you when spicy, I love you when mild...

these are some things afloat in my mind
afloat in space ocean, drifting in time
swirling sensations, whirlpools of thought
a vortex of spirit, coming to naught...

these are some things with you I must share
recycled water and recycled air
joy and too sadness, endless ennui
falling asleep in dreams, just to be...

these are some things I want you to know
I love you, I love you, through love we both grow
becoming new beings, egos let go
the rhythm of breathing, fast as well slow...

these are some things I want you to know
I love every being I meet as I go
I love every sound, every vision I see
I love you for listening as words flow from me...


When Alone


the sun keeps shining
through the night
the stars keep twinkling
when it's light

sadness comes
with ecstasy
I feel you when
you feel me

fingers touching
minds aroused
in a crowd

of thoughts that tumble
swept along
believing we're where
we belong

in the darkness
when alone
on our laptops
on the phone

in electric
I feel you when
you feel me


Winter Sun


low in the sky
the winter sun
it disappears
and we become

in winter night
awaiting dawn,
in the dark.
to be reborn

on a world
that's far away
two suns in the sky
day after day

perhaps within
a giant red
like Betelgeuse
where overhead

there is no night
it always glows
no stars to see
and no one knows

of winter night
or winter sun
and twinkling stars
can never come

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