British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Tightrope & Parked Beside the Road

Day 24 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)



a precipice...
we walk a tightrope
a waterfall above, below

with force compelling
pulling like a river's flow

a hurricane...
that keeps on blowing
lightning striking all around

we're balancing
as we keep going
far above the distant ground

with cacophony...
its overwhelming
reverberations in the air

surrounding us
and penetrating
to the place inside that's where

is everlasting
always was and too will be

and exciting
inside you and inside me


Parked Beside the Road


time traveling in the car
parked beside the road
in a blink on Jupiter
in my mind it glowed

with multi-coloured wind storms
raging all around
then penetrating deeper
to listen to the sound -

flying off to Ganymede
Europa, Io too
in my mind I'm not alone
I am there with you

electro-magnetic tentacles
formed a tapestry
currents flowing everywhere
joining you and me -

time traveling in the car
parked beside the road
you were on my mind again
in my heart love flowed

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Float Like a Butterfly

Day 20 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)


we run and we run
but we can't get away
it's never the future
it's always today

the past is compelling
we cannot return
it's always the present
this we must learn...

once we were lovers
once we were friends
now separated
everything ends

always beginnings
always new starts
always the sounds
of our beating hearts...

we run and we run
until we sit down
breathe in and out
and follow its sound

float like a butterfly
soar like a dove
celestial visions
viewed from above...

it's always the present
it's here that we yearn
now's when life happens
this we must learn

float like a butterfly
flutter around
we don't have to run
we can sit down...

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Temple of the Sun God

Day 18 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)


the temple of the sun god
blazes when it sets
then rises in great beauty
as the sun god lets

the world recover
from shadows in the night
embracing and caressing
everything in sight

the temple of the sun god
is illuminated when
devotees pay homage
to all the stars and then

drink the holy waters
breathe the sacred air
feel the warm sensations
flowing everywhere

the temple of the sun god
is recognizing life
cannot exist without it
not even any strife

we are all its children
we are all aware
the temple of the sun god
on Earth is everywhere

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