British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Pluck a Spell


 all alone it's late at night
naked, writing, thought I might
pluck a spell, a chant, a hymn
from somewhere inside deep within

to express the way I feel
are you out there? are you real?
I see visions in my mind
reading your words every time

cogitating, stroke my beard
ever since you appeared
ever since and long before
you are someone to adore

are you out there? are you real?
can you feel it when I feel?
resonating from afar
we are like a double star

ever since and long before
all alone and wanting more
to express the ways we feel
are you out there? I am real

all alone and late at night
naked as I sit and write
from somewhere inside deep within
dreaming and imagining

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Wet Enough


summer's warm and gentle wind
with sparkling rain comes drifting in...
then between two wafting moistened puffs
the rain it stops, earth's wet enough

as flap flap flap the sound of wings
almost touching, summer sings
with young birds learning how to fly
from the water to the sky -

drip drip drip the flowers weep
sparkling, sunstruck water seeps
into the ground where roots absorb
liquid life through living cords

while in the air where green leaves grow
microscopic rivers flow
trickling in the summer's breeze
flowing over all the leaves -

damp air touching summer sings
bees in flowers with buzzing wings
warm sensations wrapped around
everything where we are found -

as the morning slips away
the Sun keeps rising just the way
each heart radiates a beam
a reflected irridescent gleam

from an unseen place in the mind
a secret place we each can find
where atoms spin in empty space
where we are one when face to face...

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020



we relax as we let go
the universe is all we know
planet Earth, a dream that streams
we had birth, at least it seems

we float, we rise, we drift away
from who we think we are today
we merge with all, we see the light
we wake from life, there is no night

again we're drawn by the allure
of senses calling seeming pure
an unseen force exerts its power
all tastes sweet, there is no sour

what once we had returns again
we fall back down just like the rain
to flow again back to the sea
the ocean mind of you and me

on planet Earth, a dream that streams
wrapped in light from astral beams
we float and rise and drift away
because we know we cannot stay

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Resonating Frequencies


co-creating emptiness
more and more with less and less
coalescing what we please
with resonating frequencies

in between the spaces where
you and I can touch and share
with telepathic thoughts and feelings
moments that are so appealing

senses tingling to the sounds
of vibrations all around
everywhere amidst the hush
warm sensations as we rush

here to there, from me to you
reaching out is what we do
there to here, from you to me
resonating frequencies

radiating from within
expanding now that we are in
places in which we connect
something we did not expect

while co-creating emptiness
from more and more with less and less
coalescing what we please
through resonating frequencies

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