British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Friday, February 16, 2018

Constant Motion (2)

Day 10 Month 8 (13 Moon Calendar)


constant motion  (2)

waves of waves
in constant motion
rolling in
across the ocean

crashing waves
on shores emerging
from the sea
their splashes surging -

up and down
the tidal rhythm
comes and goes
with power given

by the Moon
and too the Sun
by the truth
that all is one -

waves of waves
of deep emotion
roll on by
as in the ocean

crashing waves
with thoughts submerged in
passions' feelings
ever surging -

we are lovers
we are friends
we connect
which then sends

waves of feelings
deep inside me
much more widely -

up and down
like tidal rhythm
they come and go
with power given

by your loving
and mine too
when you feel me
I feel you -

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Door

Day 9 Month 8 (13 Moon Calendar)


the door

energy swirling
to and from
inside unfurling

wrapped in mind
obscured by thinking
just to find

lifeforce vortex
crowning chakra
out-of-body cortex

slipping from within
to fly
high above
beyond the sky

to the Moon
or on to Mars
further further
to the stars

we're connected
to the cosmos
as suspected

when we're leaving
it's the door
or when returning
for some more

energy swirling
feelings lush
is a rush

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Day 7 Month 8 (13 Moon Calendar)



huddling cuddling
feeling the heat
warm skin and heartbeats
you smell so sweet

wrapped all around you
breathing in sync
I know that you know
we're joined when we think

warm thoughts with pleasing
sensations through skin
we are creating
a heaven within

shared by caressing
shared with each kiss
there can be only
pleasure in this

moment together
while intertwined
both of our bodies
and too our minds

huddling cuddling
feeling the heat
warm skin and heartbeats
you smell so sweet

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Q & A

Day 6 Month 8 (13 Moon Calendar)



let me tell you what I think
I think I think that we are linked

let me tell you how I feel
I feel I feel your sex appeal

let me ask you how do you
think and feel about me too

there is something in between
a twisting flowing love filled beam

back and forth from mind to mind
always heart's the place we find

we're connected, we are linked
I think I feel that when we think

I'm in your mind, you're in mine
in that moment there's no time

we can be who we are
with each other near or far

now you know what I think
do you feel that we are linked

do you feel what I feel too
can I share this love with you

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