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Saturday, November 07, 2020

Inside Me & Hymn to the Sun

 Inside Me


I'm too close to the edge and falling
as an updraft takes me while I'm calling
any divine entity
to save me from how gravity

seems in control until I rise
soaring up into the sky's
golden sunset scarlet tinged
water vapour colour singed

visions in a light that's fading
to the darkness of Earth's shading
with stars beginning to appear,
I'm still rising and they seem near...

higher through the atmosphere
into the darkness in which we're
moving through an endless ocean
of plasma beings all in motion

stars plugged into an unseen
electric current's twisting beam
powering the universe
powering me writing verse

contemplating, meditating
reaching out to share my fate in
realizing all we see
is inside you and inside me


Hymn to the Sun


the Sun is the only god that counts
we see it each day in the sky as it mounts
no priest is needed, no in between
the Sun is real and it can be seen...

the Moon is a ghost reflecting sunlight
both in the day and too in the night
traveling with Earth as both spin around
the Sun, always moving - it's where we are found...

gods in our minds they come and they go
always unseen we think that we know
we think and imagine creating divine
beings we search for to never find...

the Sun is a conscious being, a star
joined to the others both near and too far
by currents which flow on endlessly
heating coronas electrically...

the Sun is the only god that is real
from rising to setting it has such appeal
and when in the shadow of the Earth
the Sun is the promise of a new birth...

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