British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, October 10, 2020

When I Was Ten



 transported by a whiff of air
to my English childhood where

the future stretched away unseen
all seemed right, the world was green

humidity, my mum called 'close'
my uncle's house contained a ghost

I had a sister, two brothers too
and every day was fresh and new

now many years have come and gone
in Canada where I belong

with memories and feelings which
a whiff of air has been the switch

to cascading thoughts of what was then
before I left, when I was ten


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Friday, October 09, 2020

Travelers (Part 2 of First Contact)


faster than the speed of light
almost a thousand times
two days it's taken through the night
much slower than our minds

Proxima in reddish glory
is coming into view
since Dragonfly's intriguing story
of other beings who

orbited a unknown spacecship
'round Proxima's Planet B
Dragonfly on this return trip
is to probe this mystery...

scanners scanning, sensors bristling
Dragonfly arrives
motors whir with quiet whistling -
it's probed yet still survives

mutual robotic travelers
embracing electrically
both exceeding their parameters
in orbit at Planet B

contact made then separation
both spacecraft then return
to different worlds in preparation
for robot minds to learn

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Sunday, October 04, 2020

Taking Selfies & On Your Mind

Taking Selfies


on the shores of who we are
waves keep rolling from afar
across an ocean in between
what we know and the unseen

splashing crashing surging tide
coming close to where we hide
inside our heads, inside our minds
taking selfies, writing rhymes

with penetrating thoughts we think
we rise up before we sink
with oscillating points of view,
which turn into me and you

in our bodies breathing air
in and out and in somewhere
we are beings deep in space
always moving as we chase

the Sun which spirals on and on
and keeps us where we all belong
moving through and in between
where we go and where we've been


On Your Mind


tired and lying down
I think
it's warm, you're on my mind
we're linked

in this moment, in my mind
radiating thought waves find
you lying in your bed
awake and wondering what has led

you into thinking that you are
not alone when from afar
I am with you in a flash
with warm sensations...feelings crash

on the shores of who you are
as waves keep rolling from afar
where I am lying still awake
dreaming we are on a lake

in the sunshine on a day
that lasts as long as we both stay
entwined in visions we create
filled with maybe's, sharing fate

while you're lying in your bed
imagining what you've not said
coming out from time to time,
when sharing what is on your mind

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