British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Friday, September 04, 2020




feel me enter feel me come
into the place where we are one
writhing squirming pulsating
squelching moaning vibrating

sensory shower in our entwined
bodies linked in mind to mind
rhythmic motion as if we were
synchronized inside a blur

of fingers touching in among
lips and probings by the tongue
and soft caresses amid thrusts
satisfying all our lusts...

feel me feel you feeling me
the way I feel you come to be
on the edge of letting go
as liquid love begins to flow

trickling oozing running down
with sliding in-and-out's wet sound
faster faster deeper in
as letting-go's paroxysm

lets me feel you feeling me
for an instant ecstasy
sharing all now we've become
for a moment we are one


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Monday, August 31, 2020

A Talking Pig



 when just a child the world it seems
is filled with wonder as it teems -
a butterfly, a snail, a frog
birds in the sky or any dog

growing older takes so long
learning how to do no wrong
running just to run and run
running just because it's fun

in the sky the stars at night
in the day the bright sunlight
brothers, sisters, dads and mums
when we need them someone comes

all is everything we see
as we become who we will be
we are small, the world is big
we listen to a talking pig

imagination reigns supreme
waking up within a dream
falling back to sleep again
sometimes now it's just the same


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