British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Add Another View



haven't seen you
heard your voice
do not know where you

in a heartbeat
made the choice
to add another view -

alone at night
or sometime in the day

seemed to be right
to add another play -

to words expand
like ripples in a pond

waves of sound
to understand
that we can go beyond

who we think
we have become
who we feel we are -

we are conscious
like the Sun
and every other star -

these are words
to let you know
I am there with you

each time you go
to where I have been too -


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Friday, August 28, 2020

Telepathic Fingers (2020)


  the soft touch of telepathic fingers
caressing mind then lingers
as an afterthought, an image
fading slowly to the finish

of its memory compelling
radiating and too swelling
like a bubble
safe within, the trouble

is the people that we meet
both the sour and the sweet
touch us with their thinking
attract us with minds linking

while sharing thought and feeling
both repelling and appealing...
only meditation's healing
stops the rain

of other people's thinking
in which we all are sinking,
our collective psyche's linking
stays the same

with the soft touch of telepathic fingers
caressing mind which lingers
as an afterthought, an image
fading slowly to the finish once again -

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Lush Meadows


cascading thoughts and too feelings
penetrating and appealing,
floating in a pool reflecting
everything as unsuspecting

ripples in our deep awareness
elevate our sometimes careless
souls adrift on life's ocean...
all is one in constant motion,

with atoms spinning all around
and too within where we are found
on the banks of thoughts now streaming
through lush meadows where light's beaming

spectral visions mesmerizing
lifting us as we keep rising
above a world that seems so real,
fading now so that we'll

become beings of the ocean
always one in constant motion
between the stars and in between
crystallizing from a beam

of consciousness that's everlasting
moving slowly and too fast in
lush meadows where light's beaming
on the banks of thoughts now streaming

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Becoming One


  closer and closer
to become
dissolving together
into one

by intertwining

thoughts wrapped in feelings
moving between
in tingling sensations'
sparkling stream

into the future
from the past
that we will last

further and further
and deeper within
nearer and nearer
as we begin

dissolving together
so we become
closer and closer
becoming one

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

In My Skin & Stroking You

 In My Skin



is this a dream too
in meditation when you
open me up and flow in
to feel what it's like in my skin

to know what I seek with my mind
to know it is you whom I find
in meditation when you
open me up and flow through...

is it you every night
bathing in my inner light
while twirling around and around
in all of the dreams where I'm found

always you're holding my hand
with you I then understand
as we begin to both rise
into another dream's skies...

is this me, is that you
are we one, are we two
are you with me when I
close my eyes and then fly

above and beyond and away
to places in which we can play
are we two, are we one, or am I
awake in another dream's sky...




Stroking You



pussycat pussycat
I'm stroking you
feeling you purring
and hearing you too

pussycat pussycat
roll on your back
when I rub your tummy
you have the knack

to mesmerize me
use me to feel
pleasing sensations
I know that we'll

always know how to
stir sensory
moments of pleasure
between you and me

pussycat pussycat
you are a jewel
purring and purring
with stroking the fuel

we know there's much more
flowing between
you and my fingers
while sharing this dream


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