British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Friday, August 14, 2020

Eye to Eye



 we spiral in orbit
the same shining star
closer and closer
we've come from afar

all is in motion
as always we change
vibrations merging
while feeling so strange

with eye to eye contact
we have begun
the dance of new lovers
becoming one...

angels are singing
with devas in flight
and buddhas inside us
exploding in light...

I know that you know
and you know that I
need to be closer
than just eye to eye

touching with fingers
sensations in drips
mind to mind moments
and kissing with lips

buddhas exploding
with angels that sing
you want what I want
to come within

spiraling in orbit
the same shining star
this is the reason
that we've come so far


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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Float Away



the angel of the liquid state
is with me as I lie and wait
in its wet and warm embrace
to drift away to inner space...

the angel of the atmosphere
comes with me staying very near
breathing in and out and in
I drift away as I begin

to let go, relax and cease
holding on to thinking's beast
to let go, relax, become
a sparkling jewel within the One

universal consciousness
where we're more and too we're less
among the stars and in between
ions moving in a beam...

the angel of the liquid state
stays with me as I meditate
in the bath in its embrace -
I float away to inner space


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Monday, August 10, 2020

Loving Loving



feel me feel you, feel me touch
your heartbeat, we are much
the same... when touching you
I can feel you touching too

feel me, feel me kiss your lips
skin on skin, tongue that slips
into warm, wet, you within
intertwined as we begin...

hold me hold me, do not stop
feel me feel you when on top
watch me gazing from below
feel me touch you as I grow

feel my fingers, feel my breath
feel what you feel as your cleft
opens wider just for me
sharing every ecstasy...

feel me, feel me feeling you
feeling me, we're one in two
lovers from so long ago
loving loving's all we know...

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Sunday, August 09, 2020

Not the Ones & Electric Comets

Not the Ones


we're not the ones we think we are
we're not the ones we see
reflected in perception
through electricity

from light beams on nerve endings
to nanoscopic sparks
stimulating memories
powered by the heart

emotional upwellings
arise and then they fall
while passionately heeding
every time they call

tidal inspirations
relentless streams of thought
somewhere inside always
the ecstasy we've sought

somewhere inside also
a secret place to be
when not the ones we think we are
this is the place to flee

reflections in perception
through electricity...
we're not the ones we think we are
we're not the ones we see


Electric Comets


 electric comets in the sky
through plasma space while glowing fly
towards the anode star, our Sun
return again from whence they've come

as electric lights in curtains spark
illuminating polar dark
ions titillating air
senses tingling minds, we're where

the universe keeps flowing on
through this place where we belong
even when we are asleep
spiraling on through the deep

space ocean all around,
the endless hush devoid of sound,
filled with thoughts and all our dreams
electric currents are what seems

to be life giving energy
powering everything we see
powering every breath we breathe
from when we're born to when we leave

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