British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Sensually & Showering Light



birds in the morning
wind in the trees
raindrops falling
I'm on my knees

visions of beauty
flash in my mind
visions of you
seduced by this rhyme

senses that tingle
nerve endings too
knowing that I am
talking to you

knowing that you are
listening to me
this is so you know
I'd love to be

with you in spirit
with you in mind
with you in body
with you in time

as you relax and
listen to me
feeling and touching


Showering Light


drops of water, morning dew
disappear like me and you
a flash, a flutter, then we're gone
still the Earth goes on and on

in spectral visions showering light
as we vanish out of sight
in winter's frosts or summer's heat
with sour and bitter tasting sweet...

always coming from the past
always knowing it won't last
in the future where we believe
somehow we will never leave...

in the present, in between
when we wake and when we dream
between our thinking's every thought
is a place we've always sought...

a drop of water, morning dew
now is me as well as you
disappearing into night
as spectral visions shower light

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Beyond the Reach of Time & Mystery Lover

Beyond the Reach of Time


let me leave my body
ego shroud enwrapped
float away and disappear
from this worldly map -

let me leave this planet
this solar system too
this galaxy, this universe
beyond the sky so blue -

to awake in paradise
elysian meadows green
gentle breezes blowing
with beings now unseen

let me be there with you
knowing you know I
feel the feelings you feel
knowing we can fly

anywhere we want to
to any place we find
in shared imagination
beyond the reach of time


Mystery Lover


 on an island in the ocean
mind and heart in constant motion
Sun is streaming spectral fountains
I'm day dreaming near the mountains

forest covered soaring skyward
whispering winds are taking my words
from my mind in constant motion
on an island in the ocean

where we vibrate atoms spinning
thoughts on wings as we're beginning
to embrace, to feel each other
you're my daydream mystery lover

you're so close I feel your breathing
bodies touching, bodies heaving
reaching out with lips and fingers
each sensation warmly lingers

making music with our moaning
making love, no more alone in
mind and heart in constant motion
on an island in the ocean

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