British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, May 02, 2020

Sound of Rain/Minds That Kiss/Reappearing

Day 1 Month 10 (13 Moon Calendar)

Sound of Rain


water water drip drip drip
liquid life in every sip
churgling, gurgling, splashing down
in streams and rivers all around

water water everywhere
in the ocean, in the air
in the sound of rain at night
evaporating when it's light

rising up inside the trees
escaping through the pores in leaves
so very old yet always new
water water I love you

water water everywhere
I want you to know I care
in words that are in flowing streams
something we both share it seems

while on a waterworld in space
a molecules-of-water place
with clouds of water floating by
as in the water here I lie

water water everywhere
in the ocean, in the air
water water drip drip drip
with liquid love in every sip


Minds That Kiss


 imagination...minds that kiss
fingers touching...love is this
time we're sharing, always now
with each other...this is how

imagination's flowers bloom
sensations meeting in this room
in this space where we are found
imagination is the sound

of sychronizing soul with soul
auras merging, being whole
we are you and we are me
we are every thing we see

we are every thing we hear
touch,smell,taste both far and near
in imagination with minds that kiss
fingers touching...love is this




 as thoughts rush by we laugh, we cry
we journey on and on
every day and every night
being right and wrong

we're out of time within our minds
in places all around
mountains, forests, oceans deep
vibrating in the sound

we disappear, we reappear
we dream between, we lie
we rise on up, we settle down
we let go, we fly

above the Earth, into the void
its plasma rarefied
we reach out and in a flash
we're crossing space so wide
it's so easy to let go
to journey then arrive
faster than the speed of light
feeling so alive

we reappear in somewhere near
a sacred lake that shines
on a world that's far away
from our earthly minds

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Universal Mind

Day 24 Month 9 (13 Moon Calendar)


breathing in and breathing out
then breathing in again
in the springtime sunshine
in the pouring rain -

in the spaces in between
thoughts which stream on by
in the spaces where we dream
on Earth beneath the sky -

melodies and rhythms
merging to become
mantras of the spirit
the All that is the One -

I'm in you and you're in me
we are everywhere
solid as the mountains
invisible like air -

syncopated rhythms
synchronizing thought
harmonizing feelings
for a moment caught

in beams of light now bouncing
back to where we find
consciousness upwelling
in universal mind -

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

never ending

Day 23 Month 9 (13 Moon Calendar)


 never ending       

death is liquid all around us
ocean deep in which we drown as
we tumble from the pier
all that we have held so dear

disappears while in transition
waves of waves now change position
who we were once coalesced
is now gone, we are much less
and we're more now we are flying
death is more than merely dying
we become the all around
fading fast...angelic sound

resonates and harmonizes
all within our moments wisest
glimpses which are just a flash
just tiny drops as off we dash

to awaking, to emerging
like a Monarch* with no urging
we all know where we must go
to await the time to grow

back into our live's rebirthing
as another life on Earth in
a stream of love which glows
accelerates and then it slows

in a never ending motion
flowing currents, plasma ocean
every end is a new start
a new beat of cosmic heart

* Monarch butterfly

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