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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Quill in Hand & Together

Day 19 Month ( (13 Moon Calendar)

Quill in Hand


golden sunlight in my eyes
gulls fly by in evening skies
petals falling in the breeze
senses tickled and they're teased

thoughts of you with quill in hand
catching visions as they land
all around and too within
with childlike wonder you begin...

watercolours in your mind
words escape to drift in time
portraits of your feelings too
in golden sunlight, sky dark blue

as one by one the stars appear
planets too with Venus near
shining brightly in the west
quill in hand you're at your best

senses tickled and they're teased
your words flutter...I'm so pleased
knowing that you understand
with a feather in your hand




penetrating in between
an interplanetary stream
of electricity flowing on
and all around where we are from

penetrating empty space
filled with light from stars which race
with x and gamma rays unseen
woven in each astral beam

penetrating deep within
the place inside which is keeping
us connected and in tune
with the planets, Sun and Moon

penetrating as we breathe
first we come and then we leave
then return to leave again
all is different and the same

penetrating all these words
taking flight like flocks of birds
in these moments, in this time
we're together in this rhyme

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