British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Monday, June 10, 2019

Waves Expanding & Spellbinding

Day 12 Month12(13 Moon Calendar)

Waves Expanding


in my heart and solar plexus
in my soul, my being's nexus
point to point in waves expanding
soul to mind in heart I stand in

awe of all that we are one in
time and space as we're becoming
closer, closer, touching, feeling
love is flowing, it's appealing

scintillating, rhythmic rhyming
you are with me intertwining
I am with you meditating
feeling feelings enervating

life is love when you are near me
love is life and we are merely
penetrating souls expanding
heart in heart as we now stand in

awe of all that we are one in
waves of waves as we're becoming
intertwined while touching, feeling
love is flowing and revealing

in our hearts and solar plexus
in our souls, our beings' nexus
soul with mind in heart we stand in
awe of love in waves expanding




mercurial waters glimmer and sparkle
relentlessly lapping mind's edges, its dark wall
overpowering perception by world wearied eyes
spellbinding, enchanting with comforting sighs

lapping the shoreline, so mesmerizing
liquid seduction's subtle surprising
dynamic and peaceful senses attune
to quiet rhythms of Sun and the Moon

ages and ages are slipping away
into the vast ocean of day after day
vortex and spiral, spinning within
atomic reactions in which we all swim

into the unseen of feelings we feel
into the shared dream in which this is real
towards tomorrow now when it's changed
mercurial waters make me feel strange

expanding, contracting, evaporating
spellbinding, enchanting and no more waiting
lapping the shoreline so mesmerizing
liquid seduction, subtly surprising

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