British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Zep Tepi

Day 21 Month 5 (13 Moon Calendar) 


Zep Tepi was so long ago
from deep in space to Earth it flowed
an age, a time, a place long gone
Zep Tepi was where we belonged

the pyramids were built, and Sphinx
to demonstrate through time the links
available on Earth to tap
by following Zep Tepi's map

of consciousness, the energy
through the Earth, through you and me
concentrating all around
the unseen forces which surround

everyone and everywhere
on the ground and in the air
between our eyes and in our brains
when letting go of thinking's chains

to be released to float away
drifting rhythmically, to sway
back and forth and in between
waking up and in a dream

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Monday, December 31, 2018

Doesn't Stop & River of Light

Day 19 Month 5 (13 Moon Calendar)

Doesn't Stop


time keeps dripping
every drop
keeps on falling
doesn't stop

is fading fast
tomorrow comes
but will not last -

I am with you
you're with me
we're both riding

waves in motion
rolling in
life's deep ocean
as we spin -

electrons, atoms
chakras too
where energies

fill us up with
all we need
the inner fires
on which we feed -

time's unfolding
keep on changing
and they tease

waves in motion
you and me
in life's ocean


River of Light


skies once grey with cold rain pouring
split apart with eagles soaring
sunlight a river on the sea
sparkling, shimmering magically

glistening, gleaming, scintillating
by the ocean meditating
thoughts disappear into a mist
sunlight shimmers as we're kissed

by the being who sustains us
gives us life and maintains us
we're the children of a star
with us every day, not far

from our hearts. where our desires
are every day's consuming fires
distracting from this sacred link
to lose ourselves in thoughts we think

transforming visions, meditating
glistening, gleaming, scintillating
sunlight shimmers as we're kissed
thoughts disappearing in a mist

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