British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, July 28, 2018

North Shore

Day 2 Month 1 - 13 Moon Calendar


North Vancouver, West Vancouver
Dollarton, Deep Cove
Lion's Bay and Ansell point
signs by which we drove

sea-to-sky where eagles fly
Brackendale nearby
Squamish winds, more Howe Sound things
where peaks in water lie

Cypress Falls and ravens' calls
butterflies on the wing
Upper Level Highway's glimpse
Vancouver's happening

down below where buildings grow
like trees on mountains near
above it all, the noise, the pall
nature's quiet cheer

spirits rise, it's no surprise
with beauty all around
Seymour, Grouse and Hollyburn
absorbing people's sound

the deafening hush
where Lynn Creek's rush
flows through canyon deep
awaking something we forgot

when we fell asleep
amidst the roar, the ever more
accumulating stuff
disappearing in a flash

the natural world's enough
to pacify our souls which cry
for peace amid the noise
and expectations to desire

all the world's new toys
down below where buildings grow
Vancouver's happening
from Lynn Peak's height

where sounds take flight
on breezes as they sing
spirits rise, it's no surprise
with beauty all around

Seymour rising skyward
absorbing people's sound

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Friday, July 27, 2018

More to Come

Day 1 Month 1 - 13 Moon Calendar


there's more to come
time flies away
there's more to come
we cannot stay

there's more to come
it never ends
it twists and turns
and goes 'round bends -

there's always you
you think of me
I'm always here
we're always the

souls who find
ourselves apart
yet together
in the heart  -

closing eyes
we feel serene
with each breath
we're in a stream

flowing through
and all around
the inner hush
that has no sound  -

there's always me
I think of you
and everything
that we could do

as souls who find
ourselves apart
yet together
in the heart 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Day 28 Month 13 - 13 Moon Calendar


Enceladus is propelled
by plasma discharge, I can tell
while drifting in the space nearby
with Saturn looming in the sky

Titan is a world newborn
from Saturn expelled, it was torn
now it tantalizes those
back on Earth where no one knows

I am waiting here in space
for you to come so we can face
the emptiness that's in between
the solar system and our dream

of sailing through the plasma sea
propelled by electricity
further than we've ever been
to Planet B, which we've just seen

as dim light in the sky
so far away, the reason why
we chose it to runaway
from the world, we couldn't stay

no more war, no poverty
only our love always free
on a world where all is good
on a world we've wished we could

be ourselves, be left alone
live together, share a home
now I'm waiting here in space
so we can leave the human race

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Monday, July 23, 2018


Day 27 Month 13 - 13 Moon Calendar


goddess of the Earth caressed
by Sun setting in the west
warm sensations vibrate in
a sacred place which is within

a vortex swirling all around
streaming visions, streaming sound
personalities flow by
fluttering nearby as they fly -

goddess of the Moon's surprise
in the east she starts to rise
sensuality her power
sexuality the flower

blooming on the Earth unseen
when we are about to dream
when we are about to fade
waking in a pleasant glade -

goddess of my heart is you
Aphrodite, Venus too
allowing me to enter in
your pleasure cave that is within

both your body and your mind
goddess of beyond mere time
these are just some words for you
goddess I love what you do

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