British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Blown Along

Day 25 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)


blown away

flying and floating
while blown along
over the cloud tops
in motion they throng

higher and higher
rising we go
Earth's sweeping curve
appearing below

stars in the blackness
pop into view
hundreds of thousands
sights which are new

the Earth and the Moon
shrink in to dots
two of so many
lots, lots and lots

faster and deeper
through space we all go
emerging to see
the galaxy's show

onward and onward
on currents which flow
everywhere always
with a bright glow

waking from dreaming
from sharing this dream
each just a being
in a light beam

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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Star Cross'd

Day 23 Month 7 - 13 Moon Calendar


star cross'd 

faster than the speed of light
from far beyond to out of sight
I am with you in a blink
I'm with you because we're linked

we have never met yet still
we're together, we fulfill
the emptiness we feel alone
the universe is our shared home -

we've journeyed from a distant star
lifetimes searching near and far
I've found you and you've found me
here now in eternity

on and on around around
listening to me making sounds 
resonating in your mind
merging while we still have time -

you're a woman, I'm a man
you're confused, I understand
I'm not the one you thought I'd be
I'm just the one that's part of we

far apart we have become
separated from the one
we have both now seen the light
everything will be alright

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Drift Away & Did I Caress You?

Day 20 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)


drift away

it's almost time
to go to sleep
back to bed
and there to keep

floating on the edge
of dreamland
thinking, re-assessing
what panned

before my mind today
the interactions
and the play

all the words
and all whom I met
face to face
as well as the net...

you were there
and you and you
now as I leave
I think of you

I hope to see you
when I'm dreaming
I hope we touch
full of meaning...

now I'm ready
to drift away
but I'll be back
again to play


Did I Caress You?


 did I caress you? 

it's 4am
where you're sleeping
it's yesterday here
and I'm deep in

dreaming you're dreaming
I'm dreaming with you
touching and feeling
we are just two

lovers entwining
embracing to feel
sensations erupting
and seeming so real

merging and surging
and penetrating
you in your bed
while I am waiting

for you after waking
to tell me your dreams
did I caress you
the way that it seems?

are we connected
have we become
transcendent together
when dreaming as one?

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