British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Force

Day 18 Month 7   (13 Moon Calendar)


the force 

gravity, it pulls and pulls
yet it is not the force which rules
mathematicians calculate
still truth is not theirs to relate

electricity flows between
synapses in nerves unseen
birkeland currents from afar
power the Sun, and every star

the galaxy it spins around
a homopolar motor found
in a web, a twisting net
of plasma, when z-pinched we get

the birth of stars in strings along
with instabilities which then throng
all of space which had no start
no big bang or cosmic fart

gravity does not attract
me to you, that is a fact
I am drawn as something flows
from me to you to me and grows

every time I see your face
or think of you I have a taste
of paradise, a perfect dream
a tingling and electric beam

twirling twisting both our fates
we are lovers, we are mates
traveling through both space and time
we peek-a-boo but always find

each other's silent calls
over oceans and through walls
love's the only thing I feel
when exposed to your appeal

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Friday, January 26, 2018

The Core

Day 17 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)


the core   

I know you're there, I'm listening
I'm feeling you in my heart

I know you know that I'm here too
we're never far apart

separated we are one
we are two, we're more

molecules and atoms
electrons at the core

at the centre, in the middle
the point from which we see

everything all around us
the place where we can be

connected with each other
peaceful, calm and still

certain that we always are
and too we always will

know that we will know that we
are never far apart

you know I know you know too
we feel it in our hearts

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Thursday, January 25, 2018


Day16 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)



got into the car
and drove away
was here so long
I couldn't stay

out of the city
and into the hills
into the forest
where water spills

tumbles and splashes
on the way through
canyons and gorges
waterfalls too -

got out of the car
and walked along
with ravens' in treetops
peculiar song

echoing in
the forest's hush
mushrooms and mosses
forming a lush

for unseen beings
smaller than mice -

entered a glade
with a burbling stream
lay down beside it
and started to dream

you were there with me
we were in love
both with each other
and light from above

which tickled our senses
making us feel
although we were dreaming
it was still real -

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I Am With You

Day 14 Month 7 (13 Moon Calendar)


I Am With You

I am with you
when you're sleeping
when you're dreaming
when you're deep in

the place where you withdraw...
I am with you, I adore
all the sounds you make when breathing
I am with you, never leaving

never have we been apart
I am with you in your heart...
when you wake up in the morning
I am with you while you're yawning

I am with you
you're with me...
we are one
we'll always be...

separated by an ocean
we are joined by love's emotion...
we're connected when we think
of each other, it's our link...

I am with you when I'm rhyming
you are with me when you're finding
all these words that flow through me
I'm with you and you're with me...

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