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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Magnetic Attraction

Day 25 Month 12 (Crystal Rabbit Moon) - 13 Moon Calendar


magnetic attraction

we spoke on the phone
we almost met
I looked forward all day
we didn't but yet

you know you can trust me
you know you can call
whenever you need me
there's never a wall

we are joined
every time we think
we're one when we feel
the feeling we're linked

I know that we
will meet again
again and again
and again and again

now I'm writing
this poem to you
you are like sunlight
shining through

all the confusion
all of the mist
it all disappears
when it is kissed

by interacting
when we are linked
magnetic attraction
each thought we think

is interwoven
it scintillates
spinning around
as it rotates

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