British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Friday, November 20, 2015

Just a Kiss

Day 6 Month 5 - 13 Moon Calendar


just a kiss       

another time another place
another rhyme another face
another me another you
another moment when we two

dance together in our minds
touch each other feeling fine
sensations caresses
sealing love with just a kiss

just a thought that flies with wings
fluttering to your heart within
you are on my mind I think
I am on yours too we link

in another time, in another place
we're in our minds in outer space
we are one and we are two
you are me and I am you

we dance together in our minds
we touch each other feeling fine
sensations caresses
sealing love with just a kiss

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Passion We Feel

Day 6 Month 5 - 13 Moon Calendar


passion we feel

the fluttering of butterfly wings
is no more gentle a caress
as when our minds link
across space -
and we sink
in psychic embrace
into a swirling mix
of dreams and desires
the ever burning fires
of the passion we feel
for each other -

orig 2000

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Day 3 Month 5 - 13 Moon Calendar



the sun is raging hot on fire
as mars and moon stir deep desire
in the spirit and in the heart
of each of us when we each start

to open wide and channel freely
to feel the buzz, the touch and feely
of life's river flowing through
all of space through me and you

as we ride the morning bus
or as we drive in each of us
a constant rhythm's going on,
all day all night and all along

the many paths on which we travel,
a steady beat where thoughts unwravel
when we focus on the spot
where within we each have got

something joined, a part we share
breathing in we drink the air
breathing out we feed the plants
all together in life's dance

from our waking until we leave
and beyond where we still weave
we still journey with each other
father mother sister brother

we're still joined when we come back
downwind we sail upwind we tack
in a sacred boat unseen
we journey on from dream to dream

orig 2003

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Monday, November 16, 2015


Day 2 Month 5 - 13 Moon Calendar



will there be a Sun tomorrow
a Moon tonight, an end to sorrow
will there be a warm heart rising
through our mind's sometimes surprising

insight into lives we lead
while hearts are beating as we breathe
as we gaze around about us
will it all go on without us

when a tree falls in the forest
is it heard, part of the chorus
in life's symphony surrounding
are the sounds we make rebounding

off the walls our minds erect
obstacles we don't suspect
are keeping us from being more
from stepping through another door

of consciousness, we're all one being
we're each a part of all we're seeing
in this life on Earth we're living
rising, falling, taking, giving

back and forth and up and down
in and out is where we're found
in all places there's a chance
to spin and twirl in this life's dance

this living moment we're all feeling
where time stands still in an appealing
burst of knowing we are one
with all that lives, the Moon and Sun

orig 2003

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