British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Sultry Night


 gentle breezes
on a sultry night
warm sensations
underneath starlight

far away
by a distant sea
I'm with you
and you're with me

we have traveled,
we've journeyed to
a world where loving
is what people do

with each other
and too the unseen
conscious beings
sharing this dream

wide awake,
no longer asleep
all is one
yet we still keep

our personalities
to absorb
what before we lacked

through warm sensations
underneath starlight
in gentle breezes
on a sultry night

far away
by a distant sea
where I'm with you
and you're with me


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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Bliss & No Time to Waste



 disappearing mountains too
disappearing ocean's blue
disappearing sky above
into the mist with just our love

seeping from us as we breathe
radiating as we leave
places which we thought we knew
disappearing with us too

into a bubble, into a sphere
mind to mind so very near
crystallizing moments spent
integrating what we've sent

coalescing feelings felt
as who we were begins to melt
re-emerging in a stream
of glowing light within a beam

disappearing into space
into times in which we face
each other just to kiss
knowing that we share this bliss 


No Time to Waste


 have you been to Jupiter?
have you been to Mars?
have you been to Proxima?
unseen among the stars

were you there when Saturn
gave birth to Titan's mists?
will you now come with me
on Nommo to be kissed?

light years in a twinkle
mind with mind embraced
traveling through the universe
there is no time to waste

there is nowhere too far away
everywhere is close
in a flash to reappear
each a living ghost

visibly invisible
except when eye to eye
we can leave the Earth again
together we can fly

to the water world near Sirius
or to its desert moon
come with me while listening
to this mystic tune

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Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Flowing Currents Kiss & Tlaloc's Surprise

 Flowing Currents Kiss


planetary inspirations
moving through the night
so far away still penetrating
each of us in flight

no more thinking...contemplating
while resonating in
electric subtle perturbations
as electrons spin and spin

Neptune, Pluto. Moon and Venus
Jupiter and Mars
oscillating with each other
twirling through the stars

electro-magnetic radiating
anodeSun in midst
of heliopause's unseen diode...
flowing currents kiss

each of us in every moment
Neptune, Saturn too
Mercury and too Uranus
are touching me and you 


Tlaloc's Surprise


always believing
what was is what will be
but something is different
I think I know nearly

the river keeps flowing
on and then on
the river, I know,
is where we belong

flowing through meadows
with trees in cool glades
reflecting warm sunlight
and passing through shades

as the river is pulled
by a force that's unseen
onwards to oneness
in a rainbow sea's dream

where molecular magic,
Tlaloc's surprise,
makes the river an ocean
pulled now by tides

what was is what will be
what  will be's a dream
as the river keeps flowing
we're in it's stream


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Thursday, January 28, 2021



 mushrooms growing in the dark
underground mycellium's spark
a conscious interactive stream
that's more than any nightime dream

hand in hand we slip away
from ordinary every day
thoughts and feelings and ideas
we slip away from all our fears

vibrating before we leave
shaking off what we believe...
from a world around a sun
we emerge then to become

travelers in time to face
we are in a sacred place
asking questions, being shown
the universe is our true home

visions interplanetary
reveal themselves now we can see
consciousness remains, is left
as life continues after death


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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Elemental/Every Morning/Intertwining



the Moon and Sun
play on the Earth
in waterangel's home

up and down
around around
also to be blown

the atmosphere
the space that's near
the plasma seas we find

like universal mind

in you and me
and all we see
in all we can be too

in these words
in sounds when heard
in me and too in you




Every Morning


every morning breathing in
then breathing out again
hypnagogic traveling
waking in the same

planetary atmosphere
that was here before
slipping into consciousness
of dreaming more and more...

every day up in the sky
the Sun's apparent motion
shows us that the emptiness
of space is a light ocean

with all of life intertwined -
every time we breathe
we are travelers on the Earth
until once more we leave...

every morning breathing in
it comes as a surprise
waking as the planet Earth
appears before our eyes

every breath is worth much more
than anything we see
every morning breathing in
just being as we breathe...




waves of love keep undulating
rising, falling while creating
mesmerizing and entraining
warm and misty feelings raining

sparkling spectral visions where we
intertwine ethereally
separated yet together
in this moment in forever

as waves of waves keep rolling in
splash and crash somewhere within
hearts awash with new emotion
hearts in love with loving's ocean

everywhere and inside me
liquid luscious and lovely
warm and misty feelings raining
mesmerizing and entraining

intertwining ethereally
in every way that we can be
separated yet together
in this moment in forever

where waves of love keep undulating
rising, falling while creating
waves of feelings rolling in
love's warm ocean deep within


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Sunday, January 17, 2021



 an island of love in the ocean
synching heartbeats with emotion
on a world, in a system
red dwarf shining, we are kissing...

we have come without leaving
from where we were just by breathing
and letting go Earthly linking
to move through space just by thinking

of a place where together
we can share our love forever
on an island in the ocean
synching heartbeats with emotion

warm air, sunshine, springs of water
feeling like we may have caught a
wave of loving radiating
from Cythera without waiting

on a world in a system
red dwarf shining we are kissing
in a place where together
we can share our love forever


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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Honeycomb & January On The Coast



 are you ready...are you ready
are you ready now to come
as I enter...as I enter
as I enter to be one

in a vortex...in a vortex
in a vortex intertwined
with each other...with each other
with each other in one mind

can you feel me...can you feel me
can you feel me feeling you
as we're rising...as we're rising
by our rising we're renewed

by sensations...by sensations
by sensations so extreme
so ecstatic...so ecstatic
an extraordinary dream

manifesting out of time
all we're thinking when we're linking
is euphoria benign

all the pleasure which we treasure
is like a honeycomb
of geometric asymmetric
places we can roam


January on the Coast


the rain has stopped
it poured and poured
for days and days
more, more and more

now in between
a month long flow
of monsoon clouds
with rain and snow

on the mountains
in the valleys
rivers rising...

on the coast
Pacific weather
systems ghost

through the atmosphere
we're breathing
with more to follow
after leaving...

Springtime's lurking
heather blooms
days grow longer
filled with tunes

of Northern Flickers
and hummingbirds
echoing faintly
in unheard words...

and in your mind
a whiff of where
the rain stopped falling
through the air...

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