British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Sound


 It's not the words that we say It's the sound
vibrating airwaves surround
Touching ears to then rebound
It's not the words in which we are found

Resonating somewhere inside
In places where sometimes we hide
Elevating, opening wide
To bliss on a rising tide

Of consciousness flowing within
Between atoms as they spin
In spaces seeming devoid
Of anything of which we're annoyed...

it's not the thoughts that we think it's the link
when together and feeling in sync
oscillating as one as we phase
clarity instead of a haze

like an early morning mist
obscured, by water kissed
dissipating with the Sun's rays
oscillating as we now phase

rhythmically we are in tune
like the Sun and too like the Moon
like the galaxy spinning around
it's not the words that we say, it's the sound...



Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Caught in a Wind


 nomads from Proxima,
Beta and Prime,
travelers from Rigel
slipping through time

riding the currents
that flow in between
everything everywhere
an endless stream...

faster and faster
faster than light
approaching the Earth
in a blink so we might

feel new sensations
while sharing love,
key to the heavens
and all that's above...

concentrate, contemplate
starting the day
as celestial beings on Earth
here to play

in bubbling thought waves
caught by a wind
of everyone's thinking
as we begin

riding the currents
that flow in between
everyone everywhere
waking to dream

of everything every way
every time
when we're connected
when mind to mind



Saturday, May 07, 2022



 negative ions
positive too
cascading from heaven
on me and on you

coming in waves
like tides in the sky
electric sensations
from light flowing by

pillows of mist
from ocean to land
blown through the air
above where we stand

crash into mountains
changing to rush
down the hillsides
through forests lush

with bubbling thought waves
caught in a wind
of everyone's thinking
as we begin

to concentrate, contemplate
starting the day
celestial beings on Earth
here to play -



Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Arrival (2022)


 disappearing, closing eyes
reappearing somewhere ties
transformation from what's seen
to escaping in a stream

of mind expanding to include
everywhere with life imbued
every world and every star
very near or very far -

time and distance like a mist
evaporating when Sun kissed,
within we travel in a blink
anywhere to which we're linked -

across the endless emptiness
filled with something more or less
like the spectres we've become
out of time and on the run

moving through the in between
passing worlds we've never seen
to arrive from where we've come
in heavenly Elysium...



Saturday, April 16, 2022

Rivers in Heaven


 rivers in heaven
torrents and streams
currents entwined
electric beams

twirling around
each other they go
a matrix of fibres
beyond what we know

tying together
pulling apart
Z-pinch creating
each stellar heart

feeding with currents
ions that flow
through helio-bubbles
to anode's glow -

much more than empty
space is alive
with electric currents
by which we survive

not just our smartphones
nor our tvs
electric currents
power our needs...


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Not Alone


 faster than the speed of light
electric currents reversed might
be power enough to propel
interstellar spaceships well

into what is in between
solar systems in a stream
of backwards electricity
everywhere and always free...

faster than the speed of light
accelerating, it just might
be the measure of the Earth
by going faster to give birth

to interspecies first contact
attaining everything we lacked
when, slower than the speed of light,
we passed each day and too each night...

faster than the speed of light
when we're ready we'll take flight
beyond the edge and in between
powered by and in a stream

of EM currents in reverse
arriving somewhere unrehearsed
discovering we're not alone,
the universe is our one home...



Sunday, April 10, 2022

Passion We Feel


the fluttering of butterfly wings
is no more gentle a caress
as when our minds link
across space and we sink
in psychic embrace
into a swirling mix
of dreams and desires,
the ever burning fires
of the passion we feel
for each other -