British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 6 Month 6 - 13 Moon Calendar

Barnard's Star

let go of who you think you are
journey through the Deep so far
Earth's a speck which disappears
the Sun a spark that's shining near
in between a current flows
electrifying stars whose glows
signal places all around
quiet light in space no sound
yellow, red and blazing blue
stars are beings just like you
birth and death and inbetween
love is life and life's a dream -
let go of who you think you are
let go and fly to Barnard's star
let go of Earth, the Moon, the Sun
let go, arise, becoming one
with all the space between that's filled
with emptiness, the void's dark thrill
to Barnard's star whose red dim glow
becomes the goal of all you know
to a world like Saturn where
a moon revolves with fresh sweet air
springs of life with water flow...
let go of what you think you know -


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