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Friday, September 02, 2011

Day 11 Month 2 - 13 Moon Calendar


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it's beautiful

it's beautiful
the morning Sun
the evening rain
it's all one
beautiful unfolding flower
of consciousness
each minute, hour
each eon
disappearing time
it's beautiful
each sound
each rhyme -
crystalizing thoughts with pen
it's beautiful
to hope, to yen
for more and more
of such beauty
all we hear
feel, taste, smell, see -
it's beautiful
to share the love
streaming through
beneath, above -
it's beautiful
and so are you
sharing life
while traveling through
and ego's veils
by letting go
we swim like whales
in ocean deep
the all, the One
the evening rain
the morning Sun
a beautiful
unfolding flower
in this eon
in this hour
disappearing time
and too
disappearing me and you -


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