British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Summer's Song

Day 22 Month 10 (13 Moon Calendar)


in the living green around
whispering wind moves over ground
rustling leaves then moving on
as springtime yields to summer's song

in which birds which rose at crack of dawn,
long before our habits worn,
sing their morning reveries
waking as a dream now flees

into somewhere in the mind
somewhere which we cannot find
as we return from deep asleep
to wide awake in which we keep

listening to the world around
the whispering wind, its rushing sound
the buzz of wasps and bumblebees
the whoosh of breath which comes then leaves

as springtime yields to summer's song
desiring only to belong
in the living green around
as whispering wind moves over ground

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Seeking You

Day 19 Month 10 (13 Moon Calendar)


while by the ocean where waves splash
on the seashore with a crash
seagulls squawk as eagles soar
for a moment there's a door

an entranceway into the sublime
awareness that's in my mind
an inner place where I see you
can you feel and see me too?

thinking thoughts which disappear
so very close, so very near
with Sun rising in the sky
releasing thoughts away to fly

radiating seeking you
words like birds keep flying to
the secret place in which you hide
can you hear me deep inside?

for a moment out of time
a moment neither yours nor mine
we're together while apart
I can feel you in my heart

warm sensations overflow
this is a way that we can know
that thinking thoughts which disappear
can bring us close, can bring us near

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Monday, May 18, 2020

Closing Eyes

Day 17 Month 10 (13 Moon Calendar)


closing eyes it disappears
all the world and all our fears
closing eyes so patterns form
colours move as we're reborn -

in our minds where thoughts stream by
unattached away they fly
in our minds we float along
in inner space where we belong
sitting still and breathing in
breathing out to settle in
meditation's ship afloat
on inner seas...like in a boat
breathing in and out and in
here-and-now's where we begin
breathing in and out and in
waking up while deep within -

in our minds we float along
in inner space where we belong
in our minds where thoughts stream by
we let go...away we fly

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Sunday, May 17, 2020


Day 16 Month 10 (13 Moon Calendar)


on a river in a boat
flowing downstream as I float
drifting slowly through a field
all that I can do is yield

while relaxing to become
ever more part of the One
sunlight falling from the sky
as I rise like a butterfly

still the same yet feeling strange
metamorphizing I change
fluttering bravely through the air
looking down on places where

shrinking vistas disappear
moving through the stratosphere
darker skies and brighter Sun
into space there to become

free of Earth and gravity
metamorphizing I'm free
while relaxing to become
more and more part of the One

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Inner Space

Day 13 Month 10 (13 Moon Calendar)


let's float away from where we play
as from the Earth we leave
to a place in inner space
somewhere we can achieve

let's drift along where we belong
beautifully serene
as we awake beside a lake
from our worldly dream

with whales and trees and bumblebees
sharing points of view
and who we were does not deter
me becoming you

and in a flash as off we dash
beyond the reach of time
to our surprise we synchronize
mind flowing into mind

as we become part of the One
the everything alive
the sacred place in inner space
where we all survive

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Interesting Times / Whispering Winds

Day 11 Month 10 (13 Moon Calendar)

Interesting Times


elevating consciousness
letting thoughts flow by
breathing in and out and in
while floating in the sky

of worldly fluctuations
in metamorphing minds
all together we are one
in interesting times

compelled by unseen forces
rising to then fall
letting go of thinking
we then hear the call

and feel the natural rhythms
which we then can ride
swinging and pulsating
like the ocean's tide

breathing and hearts beating
awake and in our dreams
in daytime and when sleeping
consciousness in streams

while drifting in the heavens
created by our minds
as we are all now living
in interesting times


Whispering Winds


whispering winds blow
whispering thoughts flow
something that you know
somewhere we both go

somewhere appealing
where we are both feeling
at first tantalized in
and then so surprised in

the unspoken places
which everyone faces
where all of our thoughts flow
where both you and I go

somewhere where we show
everything we know
whispering thoughts flow
and whispering winds blow

always surprising
as well tantalizing
always appealing
the way you are feeling

something that you know
somewhere we both go
where whispering thoughts flow
as whispering winds blow

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Friday, May 08, 2020

Roaming & Reality

Day 7 Month 10 (13 Moon Calendar)



the time has come
a song is sung
whispering from the past

no words yet tossed
through time a lost
vision of what can last

our common fates
while living lives on Earth

the mighty Sphinx
Gobekli's links
every moment from each birth

through veils in time
within the mind
the invisible becomes the seen

sometimes we wake
sometimes we take
meaning from a daydream

we drift away
we cannot stay
there's more than meets the eye

inside we grow
like stars we glow
there's no time to say goodbye

as we expand
we understand
the universe is our home

each life a flash
then off we dash
eternally we roam




like the dew in summer's heat
reality is very sweet -
reality is everywhere
unseen it is like the air -

reality is me and you
we are one when we are two
communicating from afar
reality is like a star

glowing in the depths of space
far apart still face to face...
reality's a swirling stream
of who we are and who we've been

an onshore breeze that keeps us cool
reality's a sacred pool
in which we float, in which we swim
in which we meet as we begin

to intertwine as we unwrap
reality is what's on tap
in these words from me to you
reality is in them too

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