British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Friday, November 20, 2020

Visions of You


fingers and nerve endings
visions of you
as you're bending

visions of you
curves, a peek
your gift I seek

moving with you
when in motion
like the ocean

a sacred portal
to the joys
of being mortal

your body language
telling me
in this moment
I can be

whom I desire
do anything
to stoke the fire

consuming us
in ecstasy
with you as you
and me as me

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Secret Message


 we come, we go, we disappear
we're far away while very near
in the morning or late at night
in the darkness or in the light

visions form then fade away
sensations rise but never stay
thoughts keep flowing endlessly
we fall asleep to dream that we

are on a world deep in space
always moving as we face
time unwinding, running down
while speeding up all around

contradiction and paradox
everywhere along with clocks
out of time with no more sound,
in this rhyme where we are found

in this moment just you and me
wondering if this can be
all there is or is there more,
a secret message at the core

senses tingling visions flash
we move off in a dash
to far away from very near
we come, we go, we disappear


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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Symmetric Equilibrium & Out-of-Body-Me

Symmetric Equilibrium


elevate your consciousness
open up your mind
let the universe flow through
let it you unwind

to float upon a sacred lake
where a warm and gentle breeze
caresses you then moving on
sensationally pleased

feel your heart beat as your breath
comes and goes with no
conscious effort on your part
this is how to go

beyond your thoughts and old beliefs
into a state of mind
symmetric equilibrium
slipping out of time

slipping out of who you were
becoming someone new
surrounded by a shining light -
I am there with you




I 've never seen you
but I've felt
your warm caressing
it's then I melt

becoming out-of-body-me
feeling feelings only we
are aware of yet so real
which radiate with such appeal

I know you know I know you
feel the feelings that we do
when in our minds we form a link
concentrating what we think

into spirals swirling round
through the ether all around
separate places in the night
intertwined with glowing light

so you know I know you know me,
a more than human entity,
wants to feel what's inside you
and feel the feelings that we do

when I'm out-of-body-me
feeling feelings only we
are aware of yet so real
which radiate with such appeal

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Saturday, November 07, 2020

Inside Me & Hymn to the Sun

 Inside Me


I'm too close to the edge and falling
as an updraft takes me while I'm calling
any divine entity
to save me from how gravity

seems in control until I rise
soaring up into the sky's
golden sunset scarlet tinged
water vapour colour singed

visions in a light that's fading
to the darkness of Earth's shading
with stars beginning to appear,
I'm still rising and they seem near...

higher through the atmosphere
into the darkness in which we're
moving through an endless ocean
of plasma beings all in motion

stars plugged into an unseen
electric current's twisting beam
powering the universe
powering me writing verse

contemplating, meditating
reaching out to share my fate in
realizing all we see
is inside you and inside me


Hymn to the Sun


the Sun is the only god that counts
we see it each day in the sky as it mounts
no priest is needed, no in between
the Sun is real and it can be seen...

the Moon is a ghost reflecting sunlight
both in the day and too in the night
traveling with Earth as both spin around
the Sun, always moving - it's where we are found...

gods in our minds they come and they go
always unseen we think that we know
we think and imagine creating divine
beings we search for to never find...

the Sun is a conscious being, a star
joined to the others both near and too far
by currents which flow on endlessly
heating coronas electrically...

the Sun is the only god that is real
from rising to setting it has such appeal
and when in the shadow of the Earth
the Sun is the promise of a new birth...

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Mirage & Scorpio



 it comes it goes
to reappear
it's far away
yet seeming near

it's in these words
it's in our minds
it's in our hearts
while in these times

we circumnambulate
where we
share our lives
when we are we

the sky above
and earth below
it shimmers fast
we think we know

by reaching out
we're reaching in
and discovering

it's far away
yet seeming near
it comes and goes
it disappears




Scorpio came with rain from the north
windy and cold for all setting forth
for twenty-four hours, all through the night
grey was the colour of the sky's light

reflected by the sea nearby
grey waves crashed under grey sky
the weather continued until it was gone
with blue skies back where they belong...

on the mountains a dusting of snow
a hint of the future we think we know...
yellow and red and golden too
leaves keep falling leaving few

deciduous factories of chlorophyll
making plant sugars each minute until
signals are sent and all is shut down
waiting for springtime yet still we are found

surrounded by trees forever green
cedars and pines and others are seen
Scorpio's here on the west coast
Libra turned into yesterday's ghost

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Day After Day & Whales

Day After Day


 day after day after day after day
hour after hour after hour
minutes keep taking the seconds away -
time has a fleeting power

invisible fingers hold us in place
making us all believe
that we must stay in time's embrace
at least until we leave

certainty tells us we're not here for long
falling asleep each night
remembering always that we all belong,
basking in heavenly light

day after day after day after day
from time with its fleeting power
there's always a chance to get away
every minute of every hour

as minutes keep taking the seconds away
time has a fleeting power
within the spaces between where we play
in moments in any hour




whales emerging from the ocean
dolphins too in graceful motion
filled the bay, a dream last night,
from which I woke and now I write

beneath canopies of leaves turned golden
in autumn sun becoming cold in
the endless cycle of the seasons
weather always has its reasons

Earth keeps wobbling up and down
ice keeps melting as we drown
in tidal waves of raw emotion
'til whales emerging from the ocean

fill the emptiness inside
reaching in to where we hide,
telepathically interweaving
something shimmering before leaving

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Monday, October 19, 2020



here are some thoughts from me to you
wherever you are, whatever you do
whenever these words are drifting by,
while moving around under the sky,...

there is between us a space that is filled
with a deep penetrating mind to mind thrill
everything you think, all that I feel
flows in between us and it is real

when we are trusting, when we let go
when we imagine that we can know
I am with you when you are with me
we are together separately

joined for a moment or two in this time
we resonate freely from mind to mind
with visions appearing while breathing in
then breathing out and in to begin

a deep penetrating mind to mind thrill
the space in between us ecstatically filled
with everything you think, all that I feel
flowing between us with such an appeal

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