British Columbia's modern master of mystic and romantic verse, Lawrence Hearn, with mp3 audio poetry and digital photos from super natural British Columbia

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Plus Ca Change



 blue holes in a sky that's raining
and falling down where I
contemplate the summer's waning
as time keeps speeding by

yesterday was once tomorrow
the present never ends
happiness and too our sorrow
come and go, each sends

messages from each emotion
changing all the time...
I'm afloat upon an ocean
somewhere in my mind

with sacred isles and holy mountains
and unseen beings who
dance in sparkling water fountains...
I am there with you

contemplating summer's waning
as time keeps speeding by
plus ca change, it's all the same in
the twinkle of an eye


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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Coming Into View



 sometimes when asleep and dreaming
I am wide awake
visions flash as thoughts keep streaming
by me as I make

concentrated tries to see you
lying in your bed
I am drawn and I am pulled by
all that you have said

in the mornings, in the evenings
and too in the between
titillating, tantalizing
still you are unseen

visions flashing, thoughts keep streaming
lying in my bed
are you near me? can you hear me?
the things that I have said

wide awake while I am dreaming
wondering if you
will take away the veil between us
by coming into view


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Sunday, September 20, 2020




 slow motion electricity
is flowing through what's called gravity
perpetual currents flow in between
everything everywhere in a stream

cascading rivers with relentless power
for every second of every hour
day after day and year after year
electrical currents are ever near

as lightning bolts rise from the ground
discharging through plasmas where they are found
connecting the earth and the sky in a flash
while gravity flees, it's off in a dash...

stars keep shining in the night
as electricity turns into light
through glow mode anodes in plasmaspheres
endlessly shedding electrical tears

in currents to planets moving around
like the Earth and the Sun arriving with sound
in curtains of light close to each pole
where there exists a kind of a hole

like at the top of our heads where can we leave
by learning to practice the right way to breathe
remembering always so we will know
this is the only way we can go

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Until You Leave



 can you feel your heart beat
when sitting all alone
breathing in and breathing out,
alone without a phone

like a newborn entering
a world with no control
awash in new sensations
but yet to know a LOL

can you see your aura
radiating all around
no longer just your body
can you hear the sound

of silence as your thoughts fade
whispering away
quieter and quieter
never do they stay

can you feel the presence
of someone there with you
someone whose vibrations
are synchronizing too


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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Something Magic


raindrops pitter-patter drip
splashing crashing end of trip
from above while floating by
as clouds of moisture in the sky...

water molecules embrace
molecules of water's haste
yielding to the power below
falling swiftly, it's as though

Earth has called them one by one
to return from where the Sun
commanded them before to rise
to float together in the skies

and in the atmosphere between
where we are and where they've been
water molecules collide
with the air through which they slide

ionizing where they've been
generating while unseen
something magic in the air
for all to breathe, for all to share

as clouds of moisture in the sky
pitter-patter floating by
splash and crash to end their trip
as falling molecules that drip

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Before Sleep



 it's Saturday, it's late at night
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday's light
is yet to come, yet to appear
uncertainty is very near

dreams I've dreamt have slipped away
they always leave, they do not stay
in this time before I sleep
awake I'm sailing on the deep

sea of all, of everything
the only place I can begin
to let go by breathing in
out and in and out and in

intertwining as I leave
trepidation's ecstasy
with liquid thoughts in flowing streams
as I am touched by astral beams

whose twisting currents swirl around
music playing with no sound
while I'm floating in the deep
in this time before I sleep


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Wednesday, September 09, 2020



we're not alone
the rhythmic beat
of hearts at home

with all around
unseen and seen
in infrasound

in deserts lush
or valleys green,
the forest's hush
or where we've been

when in a crowd
yet still apart
when all alone
we're at the start

of breathing in
again the air
we still all share

the evening sky
the morning sun
the stars at night
we're part of one

but not alone
in this our home

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